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julho 16, 2020

Virus-fighting denim from Diesel

As new consumer trends on fabric protection emerge, DIESEL is proud to announce the introduction of an ultra-innovative denim treatment that physically halts 99% of any viral activity. .. read more
junho 17, 2020

Pandemic sustainability – building the brands of tomorrow

Sustainability has long been a central theme in our industry. Broadly we have to two categories: environmental sustainability and social sustainability. The first has to do with the planet. The second with humans – as employees and production staff, as well as fellow human beings.. read more
abril 29, 2020

Corona, business and you – what’s next?

The Corona pandemic is changing the everyday life for all of us, the difference is only to what extent we have been affected by it. At the same time, we all need to do what we can and plan for recovery. .. read more