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15 seconds from now, what follows is your very own story, a narrative that is only yours to create. This is the genesis and founding ethos behind the E15 stylish formalwear brand... read more

Sustainable Fashion for Cleaner Oceans

Did you know that every year, 8 million tons of plastic end up in the world's oceans and seas? And if you did, you probably can’t even imagine how 8 million tons of garbage looks like! It takes hundreds of years for plastic to dissolve, which means all the trash we throw away every year just gyres, tears and creates both microplastic particles and huge islands of trash... read more

3 Ways to Reduce Exposure to Air Pollution

The last few decades have seen an unprecedented explosion in industry, as well as in technology. These two factors have led to a huge increase in the amount of resources we’re consuming, when it comes to fossil fuels and also when it comes to trees... read more

Swedish Brands Push Global Awareness on Sustainability and Litter Issues

Polygiene® Stays Fresh Technology this summer supported the Swedish sensation Plogga (translation: plocka “pick” / jogga “run”) on a road trip through Sweden from the nation’s capital, Stockholm to above the Arctic Circle to Riksgransen near the Norwegian border. Plogga founder Erik Ahlström and his army of Ploggers met up during various events and festivals […].. read more

Tommy Hilfiger in partnership with Polygiene

Polygiene announces its partnership with one of the world's leading designer lifestyle brands Tommy Hilfiger, which is owned by PVH Corp. Polygiene® Stays Fresh Technology will be introduced in Spring 2020 TOMMY SPORT men’s and women’s tops, shorts and tank tops... read more