The secret weapon against fraud

Fake goods are a worldwide business thanks to the opportunities presented by complicated global supply chains, weak trade regulations and high product profit margins.

We’re all used to seeing the measures taken to prevent counterfeiting or to identify genuine products, including holograms, watermarks and other overt protection measures. Many are hard to copy, but not for long. Constant advances in technology mean that any one anti-counterfeiting measure will usually be defeated and imitated within a matter of months.

Addmaster (UK) Ltd has developed a different type of technology that allows brand owners to build a covert identification system into a product during the actual manufacturing process.

Verimaster secures the integrity of a brand through the recognition of authentic products – and the instant detection of fake items. 

Similarly, it can monitor the use of specified materials in a product, revealing the presence of any fake components.

Available in masterbatch, liquid or powder forms, Verimaster is suitable for all polymers, paper, textiles and coatings. It is cost-effective and easy to test.

Addmaster Marketing Manager Karl Shaw explains: “Our technology is used in a wide range of industries from high end fashion goods to car components. Once an item has been produced with built-in Verimaster technology, the anti-counterfeit protection never stops working.

Our additive can be identified even at very low dosage levels, making the product itself the brand security tool.

Verimaster works in all polymer types and it doesn’t nterfere with any colour, physical property or transparent finish of a product.”

There are three standard detection methods for Verimaster – visual, audible and lab testing. The visual detector is a handy pen sized device that emits and invisible laser and agitates the Verimaster additive so that it glows. 

The audible detection device or “CPD” is a proprietary detector similar in size to a key fob that emits a noise when the Verimaster additive is detected.   

The CPD can also be configured to detect two different types of Verimaster additive on the same device and individual additives can be created on a licensed basis allowing customers their own unique Verimaster additive which only they will have access to.

In-house lab tests can also be used detect individual additive combinations.

The detection devices are completely controlled by Verimaster, so it is virtually impossible to replicate a specific signature to fool the device.

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*Please note that Addmaster was acquired by the Polygiene Group AB in January 2021, so all news articles prior to that date will still be branded as Addmaster.