Win a set of unbreakable antibacterial tableware

Harfield, the UK’s leading manufacturer and distributor of virtually unbreakable and reusable polycarbonate tableware, has launched a new website and catalogue showcasing their range of antibacterial products.

The Stockport-based business has been supplying plates, bowls, tumblers, jugs, trays, cutlery and beakers to the public sector for over 50 years. 

Polycarbonate is a superior quality plastic with high impact strength, toughness, heat resistance and excellent dimensional and colour stability. It is ideal for many sectors including the healthcare and education sectors because it is lightweight, virtually unbreakable and very safe to use.

The Antibacterial polycarbonate tableware range was developed for a growing need in schools, nurseries, hospitals, nursing and care homes and other catering environments where bacterial contamination can cause serious illness and infections.

Biomaster prevents the growth of dangerous bacteria such as MRSA, Ecoli, Legionella and Campylobacter and is built into the tableware during the manufacturing process, providing 24/7 protection for the lifetime of the product.

Harfield Marketing Manager Carol Moodie says: “The Harfield Antibacterial range is our solution to help reduce the risk of bacterial contamination, something that is high on everyone’s agenda nowadays.  We are coming to that time of year when the temperatures will rise (hopefully) and we will need to ensure we all stay healthy and hydrated. What better way to do it than with our antibacterial jugs and tumblers?”.

In time for the warm weather, Harfield is giving away a set of virtually unbreakable tableware that you can use outside to keep yourself hydrated and help keep your energy levels up, including:

1.1 Litre Antibacterial Jug

Antibacterial Jug Lid

200ml (7oz) Antibacterial Tumbler

23cm Antibacterial Plate

17cm Antibacterial Plate

17.3cm Antibacterial Bowl

To enter the free prize draw simply email FREE PRIZE DRAW to and a lucky winner will receive a tableware set.

This year Harfield has also donated tableware to charities for the homeless and refugees, including Coverdale and Newbank Community Association,  The Booth Centre Manchester, Narrowgate Emergency Night Shelter, Victory Outreach Manchester, Salvation Army Endeavour House, Windsor Drop In and Barnabus Manchester.

Visit Harfield’s website and download a pdf of their brochure to find out more about their complete tableware range.

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