What would you protect with Biomaster?

Over the past 12 months we have been asking visitors to our website which three items they would like to see protected with Biomaster antibacterial technology.

We’ve received a wide range of suggestions from products you use every day around the home to giving you peace of mind whilst taking your daily commute. Here’s your Top 10 so far. 

Hand held devices 

Our love of tech and gadgets means that many of us carry around a smartphone or a tablet almost all day, from the moment we wake up to when we go to bed, so it’s perhaps unsurprising that these two items top your list. 

Studies have shown that there are many different types of bacteria on the surfaces of our hand held devices. Although most are harmless, there have been cases where the likes of E. coli and MRSA have been detected, which can cause potentially seriously illnesses. 

In addition to our handy pocket sized gadgets, our survey respondents say they’d also like to see TV remotes, laptops and computer accessories such as mice and keyboards protected with Biomaster. 

Contact surfaces 

A large number of our respondents wanted to see more protection from cross-contamination on surfaces you come into contact daily with your hands. 

Door handles and hand rails came second in your Top 10 wishlist, with many of you concerned about the risk of picking up germs from other people and passing them from room to room. 

Similarly, a wide range of respondents wanted to see more Biomaster protected products in public toilets, especially toilet seats, sinks and taps. 

Public places 

The daily commute is a necessary evil for many of us. Your journey to and from work is fraught with opportunities for cross-contamination. 

Protecting public transport with Biomaster featured heavily in our list of suggestions, with many respondents wanting to see airplanes, trains, tubes, buses and taxis take a stronger approach to cleanliness. 

There’s also demand for improving hygiene in our supermarkets, with shopping trolleys, baskets and shopping bags high on the Biomaster wishlist. 

15% want Biomaster protection in smartphones and tablets
14% want Biomaster door handles and hand rails
6% want protected computers,laptops and accessories
5% want antibacterial public toilets and toilet seats
3% asked for more protection on public transport
3% want more hygienic TV remotes
2% want antibacterial telephones
2% want protected supermarket trolleys and baskets
2% want antibacterial shopping bags
1% would like to see Biomaster protected sinks and taps

Here are some of the items just outside your Top 10: 

* Kitchen chopping boards
* Paint and wall coatings 
* Cash machines 
* Gym equipment 
* Toys 
* Vacuum cleaners 
* Petrol pumps 
* Hairbrushes 
* Toothbrushes 
* Mattresses 
* Money 
* Stationery 

To find out more about some of the products that are already Biomaster Protected visit our Partners page. 

To enter our competition and tell us which 3 items you would like to see Biomaster Protected visit the Biomaster website.

*Please note that Addmaster was acquired by the Polygiene Group AB in January 2021, so all news articles prior to that date will still be branded as Addmaster.