US antimicrobial plastics market to hit $1,227.4 million by 2020

Widespread epidemic outbreaks of life threatening diseases such as H1N1 in the recent past worldwide are largely responsible for the rise in consumer awareness about the use of antimicrobials plastics, according to the latest industry analysis report.

The surge in the U.S. antimicrobial plastics market is primarily being driven by innovative coating technologies that have the capability to improve indoor air quality and inhibit the microbial growth of various harmful microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi on plastic packaging and medical devices.Growing awareness among global consumers regarding cleanliness, hygiene, and good health are also some of the key reasons driving high growth into the U.S. antimicrobial plastics market.

The U.S. antimicrobial plastics market is on track to reach $1,227.4 million by 2020, rapidly expanding at a CAGR of 9.3% during the forecast period from 2014 to 2020, concludes a new market forecast in its latest market research report.According to this study report, the U.S. antimicrobial plastics market was valued at $662.3 million in 2013 and in terms of volume, the market stood at a value of 100,062.1 tons in 2013.

Antimicrobial plastics are implemented in various industries including automotive, building and construction, healthcare, electronics, packaging and consumer goods and also in other niche applications such as waste bins and lids and plastic water storage containers among many others. Use of antimicrobials in plastics can help curb down or kill the bacterial growth and other parasites in various industry products.

There are also many plastic manufacturers using antimicrobial additives in plastics and its related products such as bottles, food packaging and healthcare equipment to prevent illnesses and infections in the environment.

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