Tough PAC antibacterial iPad covers go global

A Hampshire company is taking the UK, EU & North American healthcare markets by storm with a unique range of mobile device cases featuring Biomaster technology.

Innervision Technology Ltd. produces Tough-PAC iPad covers, a sealed robust shell with internal shock protection together with rapid docking and an antimicrobial casing.

The product is designed for Apple iOS-based tablet computers, the preferred choice of healthcare professionals around the world, typically used for quick access to patient files and the input of data.  

Tough-PAC’s hard shell case has inbuilt Biomaster antibacterial protection which reduces the risk of cross-contamination and is effective against healthcare acquired infections including MRSA. The design also allows the device to be effectively cleaned with industry standard materials.

Innervision has supplied thousands of units to the NHS, EU & USA healthcare sectors, but company founder Keith Smith believes he has only accessed just a small portion of these markets. 

Keith explains; “we have seen a rapid uptake of Tough-PAC® not only in healthcare but increasingly in pharmaceutical research,  elderly care, special needs education and food processing automation where a robust protective solution as well as anti-microbial features are important to end users.”

Innvervision also produces a complementary range of antibacterial coated fixed wall and surface mounts incorporating their  unique ‘simply-dock’ charge and sync interface technology. A new product just released is a smaller version of the Tough-PAC® case for the Apple iPod Touch devices, used again by doctors and nurses as a handheld alternative to the iPad at the point of care. 

For more information about Tough PAC click here.

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