Spiced by Rayeesa, protected by Biomaster

The award-winning Indian cookery school brand Rayeesa’s Kitchen is promoting a new range of frozen sauces with a Biomaster protected lunch 'grab bag'.

Owner Rayeesa Asghar-Sandys (pictured above) runs her cookery school in Herefordshire, where she teaches chefs and novices alike how to work with flavours inspired by the Southern Indian cooking of Hyderbad, a region known for its rich food – and where Rayeesa lived as a toddler. 

When her students began asking where they could buy her food from, she decided to create a range of authentic curry cooking sauces that are made with fresh ingredients sourced locally wherever possible and cooked by herself. The sauces are frozen for freshness and flavour and  are in handy 2-4 portion tubs which you can keep in your freezer to use with any fresh meat or vegetables.

The sauces are now also available in insulated ‘grab bag’ with an inner coated with antibacterial protection. The bags are manufactured by Biomaster-partner B&G Products.

Rayeesa says; “We were looking for an innovative way of marketing our fabulous sauces. We are so thrilled with our new grab cooler bags, they certainly stand out and they get our brand message across brilliantly. We are now working with them for other innovative packaging ideas for the future.”

Spicedbyrayeesa.co.uk is selling successfully across many independent retailers. 

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