Sealwise WCB provides perfect polework

Biomaster partner Sealwise is taking the world of equestrian showjumping in its stride with the company's highly versatile antimicrobial sheet material.

Show jumps are erected and taken down in all kinds of weather conditions and traditional materials struggle to cope.

Show jump manufacturer Mossvale from County Down, Northern Ireland is now offering showjumps and poles made from Sealwise WCB. Made from recycled PVC’s, Sealwise is light, rigid, tough and 100% waterproof, making the moving and setup of equipment easier.

Unlike traditional jumps made from metal or timber, jumps made from Sealwise WCB will never rust or rot, have no sharp edges and will never need repainting.

The sheet material also contains Biomaster technology which inhibits the growth of black mould and harmful bacteria which may be in close proximity to the horses and riders at times. 

Sealwise Sales Director Ben Griffiths explains, ‘ Sealwise WCB sheet material was chosen by Mossvale to create their show jumps because of the extra performance benefits it brings. They’re able to machine our panels using traditional woodworking techniques and they can also digitally print onto the jumps which are perfect for their corporate clients”

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