Saniclad PVC cladding now with Biomaster technology

Of the many challenges for the construction industry posed by the pandemic, probably the most positive outcome is the new focus on more hygienic building materials.

While the industry has long been accustomed to building regulations and standards for construction which govern everything from cladding to fire risk, there is an increasing appetite for buildings to adopt measures which mitigate the growth and transmission of harmful microbes.

Saniclad Ltd, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of PVC  hygienic wall cladding systems, has launched Biomax antimicrobial cladding, a Biomaster protected range designed for walls and ceilings in hygiene critical areas such as medical, public and food environments.

Biomax sheets are flame and chemical resistant and satisfy the standards demanded by the health authorities for food plants, medical facilities, catering firms, and many other areas.

The Biomaster technology incorporated in the sheets also inhibits the growth of harmful microbes and is effective 24/7 for the lifetime of the product.

Traditional profile trims are potential risk areas for harbouring bacteria,  but Saniclad Biomax is supported by a full range of specific, antibacterial profile trims ensuring maximum hygienic coverage for ultra-sensitive environments such as operating theatres, nursing homes, veterinary practices, nurseries and commercial kitchens.

Saniclad Biomax also comes with a unique fifteen year product and two year labour guarantee.

The company already supplies a wide range oil industries ranging from well known multinational food brands to local childcare nurseries and some of the biggest restaurant and pub chains in the UK. The YMCA recently chose Saniclad Biomax welded system in en suites and trimmed joints system in bedroom areas in their new six bedroom sheltered  housing project.

Saniclad Ltd. Director John Maye explains: “We have been working on developing an effective antimicrobial wall and ceiling system since 2019 and with the help of Addmaster and Biomaster technology we are delighted to bring to market one of the highest quality systems available today.”

Addmaster Marketing Manager Karl Shaw adds. “The trend towards more hygienic building materials has definitely garnered increased interest following the pandemic. Developers are now considering the ‘biome’ of their buildings to ensure positive living and working environments”

For more information visit the Saniclad Biomax website.

*Please note that Addmaster was acquired by the Polygiene Group AB in January 2021, so all news articles prior to that date will still be branded as Addmaster.