R&M fights infection with antibacterial cables and outlets

R&M, the global Swiss developer and provider of cabling systems for top-quality and highly efficient network infrastructures, has developed a new line of outlets and patch cords with Biomaster protection.

The R&MhealthLine range is suitable for health institutions, patient rooms and similar deployment areas which have an inherent risk of infection. The plastic parts contain inbuilt antibacterial technology to inhibit the growth of bacteria in compliance with ISO 22196.

Matthias Gerber, R&M Market Manager LAN Cabling says:  “According to the WHO around 16 million people die every year from infections contracted in hospitals. We want to make a contribution to reducing the risk of infection. With the installation of R&MhealthLine, clinics can further improve their risk management in the IT area.”

R&MhealthLine offers the first consistent and complete range for network equipment in environments reserved for patients and people requiring care. It comprises outlets with RJ45 sockets, shielded and unshielded patch cords for connecting computers, multimedia, communication and medical devices, as well as shutters and coding elements from the R&M security system.

R&MhealthLine products are just as easy to install and operate as standard products. They are compatible with the modular cabling system R&Mfreenet that covers all areas of structured building cabling.

The relevant standards require greater protection for operating theaters. Medical devices and data networks have to be galvanically isolated at such places of use to protect patients from any possible overvoltages.

R&M has developed a solution for this, too. The maintenance-free R&MsafeLine network isolation module can be installed in existing LAN outlets and takes care of galvanic isolation.

That saves costly solutions in terms of medical technology and ensures uninterrupted data transmission.

R&MsafeLine is not dependent on a particular device, does not require any software or its own power supply, and is compatible with the cabling system R&Mfreenet.

R&M’s list of customers ranges from the university clinic Hamburg Eppendorf through the Danish super-hospital Aarhus and the largest Eastern European medical data centre in Wroclaw to the recently opened Sakra World Hospital in Bangalore.

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