Quality care for sick and injured animals

For animals as well as people, hygiene in intensive care is of critical importance to reduce risk of infection and contamination.

Vetario® Intensive Care Units are a range of animal care products designed, manufactured and distributed by Biomaster partner Brinsea Products in Somerset, England. 

Brinsea has worked for many years with vets and animal rescue centres to provide equipment designed to give sick and injured pets and wildlife the environment they need to make the quickest and safest recovery.

Vets and vet nurses need to spend as much of their time as possible on their patients and Vetario products are designed to be practical and functional.

The units are popular with vets, animal hospitals, rescue centres and animal breeders both at home and abroad.

All Vetario intensive care units incorporate Biomaster Antimicrobial Protection into the cabinets during manufacture.

Biomaster is embedded within the opaque mouldings as these are the most likely surfaces where cross contamination might occur.

The technology is proven effective against MRSA, E.coli, Campylobacter, Legionella, Salmonella and many other harmful species of bacteria

Biomaster inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria, helping to provide the best environment for a speedy recovery and is effective for the lifetime of the unit.

Brinsea Marketing Manager Sally Kershaw explains; “the launch of our new portable and stackable compact Vetario 30 range means that sick and injured animals can now be transported safely and in optimum conditions which can be critical to the recovery process.’’

For more information visit the website www.vetario.co.uk.

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