Pulling the cord becomes more hygienic

An innovative pull cord incorporating Biomaster technology has seen a huge increase in orders.

Traditional pull cords in toilet areas and healthcare facilities have long been recognised as a potential infection risk as they become contaminated with faecal and skin bacteria, representing a potential source of cross-infection. 

The Clean PullCord provides antimicrobial product protection for the effective lifetime of the cord, preventing the growth of bugs such as E.coli and MRSA. 

Designed with a smooth, durable, non-PVC polymer coating which can easily be wiped clean with standard cleaning products and disinfectants, it is now in demand with alarm companies and electrical wholesalers across Europe. 

The product is not only more hygienic than traditional cords, but has been designed as an anti-ligature to prevent self-strangulation, which has made it desirable within a healthcare setting. 

Carol Wothers, Manager of Biomaster Clean PullCord, said: “We have seen a massive rise in demand for the Clean PullCord recently as healthcare managers look to improve hygiene standards. 

“The anti-ligature cord is unique and has proved to be a bestseller with a number of hospitals, including Basildon Hospital in Essex and George Eliot Hospital in Nuneaton which both recently made large orders. 

“A huge benefit of the Clean PullCord is that it can be retrofitted to existing lights, shower pulls, disabled pull cord alarm pulls and nursing alarms so users don’t have to invest in a whole new system.”

Karl Shaw, Addmaster Marketing Manager, said: “The Biomaster Clean PullCord is a great example of how the application of antimicrobial technology can develop new, more hygienic products to help prevent bacteria from growing.”

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