Protecting frontline workers

Every day in Britain over 1,750 people are verbally or physically abused, assaulted or threatened while they are doing their job.

Pinpoint is the UK’s leading supplier of personal alarm systems for frontline staff at risk of violence in the workplace.

To address this growing problem, Pinpoint offers a complete alarm system that once activated can call for assistance by notifying appropriate personnel via displays, sounders, pagers and other visual and audible indications.

Founded in 1992 to develop, manufacture and install reliable, easy-to-use systems for protecting at-risk staff, today Pinpoint installs thousands of staff safety systems throughout Great Britain, Ireland, USA and the Middle East.

All Pinpoint system parts that can be in frequent contact with users are protected with Biomaster antimicrobial technology. This includes all transmitter (perpetual PIT, badge PIT, battery PIT) and other plastic/rubber components.

Biomaster technology is incorporated into these components during manufacture, inhibiting the growth of contaminating bacteria 24/7 for the lifetime of the product.

Pinpoint alarm systems were originally developed for psychiatric hospitals and schools for children with special needs, however the increase in workplace assaults extends to all types of working environments including A&E services, general hospital wards and schools of all types.

The company provides a wide range of safety systems, including the New Generation Pinpoint Advanced System, providing assistance for at-risk staff as well as the ability to call for assistance in non-emergency situations.

Developed for the widest range of applications where staff or others require instantaneous response, it has powerful communications and reporting capabilities, is extremely simple to use, reassuringly reliable and exceptionally effective.

The Pinpoint Advanced System can integrate and interact with a host of other systems to provide an important part of a fully-integrated security system and is installed using its own dedicated cable, providing an intrinsic level of robustness and reliability.

David Downing, Pinpoint Group Managing Director adds, “Sadly, we continue to see an increase of violent incidents against staff in many workplaces such as hospitals, schools, care homes and courts. Where employers have installed our systems staff are and feel better protected – we’re proud of that.

Protecting staff at work is our aim; so incorporating Biomaster’s antimicrobial technology into our products was a natural extension of our core purpose to protect.”

To find out more visit the Pinpoint website.

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