NoTile hygienic panels seal major UK restaurant contract

Biomaster partner Composite Fibreglass Mouldings Ltd. is helping refurbish 1100 restaurants across the UK.

The Darlington company CFM is supplying a high street food chain with their NoTile™ hygienic wall paneling, a glass-fibre reinforced (GRP) polyester panel incorporating Biomaster antimicrobial protection. 

Cleaning processes are generally effective at reducing bacteria, buts as soon as cleaning stops bacteria begins to grow on surfaces and with it the risk of cross-contamination. NoTile™ incorporating Biomaster inhibits the growth of most common types of bacteria and fungi and retains its antimicrobial properties for the lifetime of the panel.

NoTile™ panels are cleaner than traditional ceramic wall tiles and also virtually maintenance-free. There are no porous grout lines to support the growth of unsightly black mould. NoTile™ is ideal in public areas where the risk of cross-contamination is great, due to humid conditions or constant usage and has been used in Little Chef, Starbucks, hospitals, private restaurants and elderly residential care homes.

David Beardsworth, CFM Managing Director explains: “ NoTile is incredibly versatile and the flexible panels can be fixed to plaster, wood, brick and even over the top of old traditional ceramic tiles.”

For more information about NoTile™ visit the CFM website.

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