Muraspec adds new ranges of Biomaster protected wallcoverings

Biomaster partner Muraspec, the UK-based international leader in commercial and bespoke wallcoverings, has increased its antimicrobial product offer across 16 ranges and almost 200 stocked wallcoverings.

Muraspec manufactures a wide selection of designs in high quality, fire-rated wallcoverings, supplying a worldwide client base across the hospitality, healthcare, high street retail, commercial, cruise ship and residential sectors.

The company’s new Biomaster protected wide width wallcovering ranges such as Slate, Santiago, Segment and Tuscan can now make a more significant contribution to improved infection control within healthcare, education and high traffic public environments.

The majority of Muraspec wallcoverings have a coating protecting the products against the growth of moulds and fungi and most of its designs can have Biomaster added to form an intrinsic part of the product.  Biomaster technology also ensures that harmful bacteria will not be able to survive on product surfaces.

Wallcoverings, particularly those in high traffic, high contact public areas, can be very difficult to keep clean.  Biomaster inbuilt surface protection is effective 24/7 for the lifetime of the wallcovering and as part of a hygiene control package, it offers an important second line of defence, especially in the health care and hospitality sectors.

Biomaster antimicrobial technology was initially applied as standard to the Muraspec Elan range of Type 2, 20oz. vinyls, woven and non-woven wallcoverings in 2018.

Among the Biomaster protected wallcoverings now available from Muraspec are an attractive range of designs and colours including natural, textured, patterned, metallic, stripe, geometric, floral and damask products.

Product Marketing Manager Michelle says: “Antimicrobial protection in hospitality and healthcare is fundamentally the new imperative post COVID. 

“We launched new commercial grade wide width wallcovering designs this summer, each with Biomaster built into the product offering peace of mind in any application. The inbuilt surface protection is effective for the lifetime of the product. And since our products are designed and manufactured for high traffic areas, any scuffing or marking will not trigger any leaching of the product.  There is no trade-off on aesthetics when specifying a wallcovering with Biomaster antimicrobial technology.  You simply get the best of both worlds; stunning quality wallcoverings, plus peace of mind.”

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