Mirotone creates hygienic finish with Biomaster technology

Australian-owned multinational Mirotone, a leading supplier of innovative and high-performance surface coatings, has launched a new range with Biomaster antimicrobial protection.

Mirotone provides surface coatings for interior and exterior wood and a variety of other substrates which are used extensively in domestic, architectural and commercial applications.

The new product offering with Biomaster antimicrobial technology is effective against a wide range of bacteria, inhibiting microbial growth on surfaces, offering product protection and complementing existing hygiene protocols.

While disinfectants can be instantly effective in removing bacteria, after a couple of hours the effect wears off and contamination can occur again. Biomaster inhibits microbial growth between cleans and minimises the risk of cross-contamination. Antimicrobial protected coating solutions are ideal for high traffic areas, for example in building entrances and foyers, in shopping centres and hotels, childcare, hospitals, theatres and studios.

Mirotone antimicrobial coatings are suitable for application by spray, curtain coating, roller coating, vacuum coating and dipping.

Emma Tune, Mirotone Marketing Manager says: “We are excited to launch a new range of Biomaster protected Mirotone coatings. This new range will give our customers the ability to offer their finished products with the added benefit of antimicrobial protection.”

Biomaster Antimicrobial Protection is available in a wide range of Mirotone products including Mirothane PU Clear Polyurethane Coatings, Mirothane Clear Topcoats, Mirothane Sun Shield Topcoats and Mirothane Pigmented Polyurethane Coatings.

Visit the Mirotone company website for more details.

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