Infection prevention by design

Biomaster partner Nojerm, manufacturers of infection control furniture and equipment for the healthcare sector, has launched a new range of ultra-hygienic modular wall mounted and mobile privacy screens.

Nojerm, based at Bourne in Lincolnshire, designed the CleanScreen system with infection prevention as the priority.

CleanScreen panel surfaces are smooth and devoid of microbe-attracting areas, enabling quick, thorough and assured cleaning. With its unique hinging system, the only contact points between the panels are the tiny pivot areas at top and bottom which are also easily cleaned.

CleanScreens also contain Biomaster technology to help protect product surfaces against the growth of bacteria. The additive is not applied topically but is inherent in the manufacturing process, so it effectively inhibits the growth of pathogens such as MRSA throughout its useful lifetime.

The CleanScreen system is modular so that the panels can be re-configured to suit any particular application and can be disconnected for terminal cleaning if required. If damaged, single panels can be replaced rather than the whole set.

One touch point on the CleanScreens which will receive constant contact is the handle. This has also been designed as integral to the main surface, so that quick and total cleaning will ensure that infection transmission from this area is significantly reduced. Unlike curtains, the system has no need of ceiling tracking – a classic collector of bacteria.

The CleanScreen system runs on a high-quality, medical grade rubber castor which makes the manoeuvring of the system easy and smooth. Each castor has its own suspension to cope with floor irregularities, or door thresholds where required.

Folding and stowage of the CleanScreens is very easy and the panels nestle into each other perfectly due to their curved design.

To ensure maximum privacy the CleanScreen system extends both higher and lower than traditional systems. This avoids both intrusion over the top and visible exposure of the floor area around the bed. They have been designed to be over 1900mm from the floor to the top of each panel with a gap under each panel of about 90mm which allows for cleaning of the floor but removes any trip hazard.

Nojerm Sales Consultant Ian Poole says: “We decided to work with Addmaster to give our product the added protection against bacteria. Healthcare Acquired Infections are on the increase and there is a desire to reduce the transmission of bacteria within healthcare establishments. CleansScreen with Biomaster inherent in the product gives total peace of mind.” 

For more information visit the Nojerm website.

*Please note that Addmaster was acquired by the Polygiene Group AB in January 2021, so all news articles prior to that date will still be branded as Addmaster.