Hygiene is a pressing matter for Static Systems

Biomaster has partnered Static Systems Group to supply the healthcare sector with a hygienic solution that will help reduce opportunties for cross infection.

The Midlands firm has been providing innovative solutions to the healthcare sector for over 50 years and is a leading manufacturer of nurse call systems. These include hand units that enable patients to gain a nurse’s attention at the press of a button. 

To complement infection control measures, Static Systems is now incorporating an antimicrobial into the manufacturing process of its units which is helping to improve hygiene throughout the ward environment.

Biomaster technology has been incorporated into all touchable parts of the hand units to provide round-the-clock product protection from harmful bacteria such as MRSA and E.coli.

The ergonomically designed units have already been supplied to healthcare facilities across the UK and overseas including Hong Kong and the Middle East.

Matt Clutton, Mechanical Product Design Manager at Static Systems Group said: “The addition of Biomaster into our hand units helps patients and clinical teams to effectively manage exposure to pathogens.

“Introducing the antimicrobial additive into our product lines has been a smooth transition. The partnership with Biomaster is working seamlessly and has provided us with a cost-effective solution.”

Karl Shaw, Addmaster Marketing Manager, added: “We’re proud to be working closely with Static Systems as we aim to provide solutions which significantly reduce the risk of infection from products across the healthcare sector by inhibiting bacteria.

“Biomaster can be easily incorporated into any plastic, textile, paper, paint or coating to provide 24/7 product protection.”

For more information visit the Static Systems website.

*Please note that Addmaster was acquired by the Polygiene Group AB in January 2021, so all news articles prior to that date will still be branded as Addmaster.