Hands-free door handle with antibacterial protection

Washrooms and public toilets are a particular challenge in the fight against infections caused by bacteria passed on through touching contaminated surfaces.

In today’s washrooms there is a trend towards ‘hands-free’; hands-free flushes, hands-free taps, hands-free soap and hands-free dryers. 

But there’s no guarantee that the person before you washed their hands after visiting the washroom. Even in “hands-free” washrooms, the door handle is a weak link in the battle against the spread of germs and infections.

The Hands-Free Door Handle  is a clean and convenient way for your customers and colleagues to exit the washroom.

Developed and patented by Jamm Products Ltd., the device is a simple retro fit to most doors via two drilled holes. Once fitted, it removes the need to touch door handles which may be contaminated with contagious germs.

The Hands-Free Door Handle also has inbuilt Biomaster antibacterial protection. Biomaster inhibits the growth of bacteria of any bacteria that find their way onto the door handle and is effective 24/7 for the lifetime of the product.

Marc Ward, Founder and MD at Jamm said: “I was asked by Adam Stringer (Product Design Consultant at Falmouth University) if I thought there was a way to open a door without touching it to prevent germs being passed on. When I started to research the issue, I was amazed to learn that, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (USA), 80 per cent of all infections are transmitted by hands. The issue for high traffic areas which are prone to germs, such as washrooms, was obvious. I invented the Hands-Free Door Handle to help solve this problem.”

Iain Davidson, Chief Pharmacist at The Royal Cornwall Hospital Treliske adds: “In hospitals, clean hands save lives and any device that helps to keep hands clean after the washing process is a welcome addition. We’ve trialled the Hands-Free Door Handle, and aside from its effectiveness, importantly, our team really like it.”

For more information visit jammproducts.com.

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