Guarding the next generation of sports stars – National Mouthguard Day with OPRO and Polygiene BioMaster

OPRO have been keeping athletes smiling for years, providing them with custom-fit mouthguard technology. To promote the importance of protection in all types of contact sports - especially for younger athletes - OPRO has declared September 5th as #NationalMouthguardDay. The aim is to encourage kids to wear mouthguards when participating in sports such as hockey and rugby, where there is potential contact and possible injury to the mouth.

Teaming up with UK-based OPRO is Polygiene, one of the world’s leading innovators in antimicrobial protection technology. Their revolutionary Polygiene BioMaster™ antimicrobial technology stops bacteria from reproducing, improving hygiene. It’s so advanced that it can be added to products during the manufacturing process, so it lasts for the product’s lifetime – no need for reapplication. And because of Polygiene BioMaster’s resilience to heat, it works perfectly with polymers.

A perfect partnership

These key factors make Polygiene BioMaster a perfect partner for OPRO. The aim is to create protective mouthguards that are also antibacterial. “We’ve been looking for ways to make our mouthguards even more effective and hygienic to wear, and for us, Polygiene BioMaster ticks all the right boxes,” says Daniel Lovat, Commercial Director of OPRO. “We’ve always been at the forefront of innovation, and it’s fantastic to be partnering with a company that shares our values and our passion,” he adds.

OPRO Mouthguards are worn by some of the world’s finest athletes and sports stars, and the company also supplies many of the GB teams (as well as international teams) with the latest in mouthguard technology. However, they also believe that grassroots and school sports deserve the very best too. 

Why are mouthguards so important?

Mouthguards are designed to protect the teeth and gums against damage due to an impact – a real possibility in contact sports such as rugby and hockey. Not only do they provide a robust line of defence against impact injuries, but they can also help to defend against long-term oral problems too. Adding Polygiene BioMaster to mouthguards reduces the risk of infections, and the guards stay cleaner and more hygienic for their entire lifespan. 

Their commitment to improving children’s and young athletes’ oral protection has resulted in the company achieving a Queen’s Award for Innovation. By combining their forward-thinking approach to oral protection and Polygiene BioMaster antibacterial technology, the companies hope to encourage more young sports stars to use mouthguards for every training session.

National Mouthguard Day – September 5th

The start of the new school term will see a new generation of young athletes taking to the country’s sports fields. By making September 5th National Mouthguard Day, Polygiene and OPRO highlight the importance of hygienic oral protection and show how easy it is to adopt a more proactive approach to sports protection in general. “Because Polygiene BioMaster keeps on protecting for the lifetime of the mouthguard and the case, they add that all-important extra layer of defense against infections,” explains Lisa Brian, Client Marketing of Polygiene. 

“Mouthguards are essential in contact sports, especially for young athletes and children. The inclusion of Polygiene BioMaster gives them even more protection both on and off the field. This is why we’ve chosen to work so closely with OPRO and to drive home the message to the next generation of sportsmen and women about the importance of mouthguards in sports,” he/she adds. With OPRO supplying more than 1,000 schools and clubs around the globe, both companies hope that the inaugural National Mouthguard Day will teach young athletes more about the use and care of mouthguards as an essential part of their sports kit.

OPRO Mouthguards

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