Dycem flooring stops contamination in its tracks

For controlled environments such cleanrooms, laboratories and food processing units, good hygiene has always been at the top of the agenda.

Floors are the largest surface area in any production environment and the risk of microbial spread from foreign body entry at floor level is always a major threat. Industry tests show that 80% of all contamination is picked up on shoes and on the wheels of carts then tracked into critical areas.

Bristol-based Dycem, the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of contamination control mats for flooring, has seen a huge surge in enquiries from many different types of businesses who are now re-evaluating their day-to-day requirements for entry and transfer areas to transform them from dirty to clean.

Dycem polymeric control mats and flooring work by effectively trapping foot, wheel and airborne contamination on their surface, thereby eliminating the risk of cross contamination. 

All Dycem products also incorporate Biomaster antibacterial technology. Unlike disinfectants and other cleaning agents which lose potency within a couple of hours, Biomaster offers durable surface protection against harmful microbes and works 24/7.

Dycem EMEA Sales Director Carlos Mourelle explains: “In the post-pandemic era, microbial contamination is suddenly a concern for all types of businesses.

Often people have overlooked the fact that the floor is an active surface and there is a great risk of cross contamination. Footfall as much as forklift and trolley activities within controlled environments pose a risk as viable particles travel and will fall and settle on surfaces.

However business routines are changing and will need to for the foreseeable future. Companies are wondering whether to build new layouts when Dycem with Biomaster can offer simple, proven and effective easy to prevent particle transfer and contain pathogens prone to create risk on sites.”

Mr. Mourelle adds: “ The pandemic has seen many people take an interest in prevention at floor level as a full circle solution to the many other needs in play now to support  best practice from warehouse entries to office communal lobbies, the new normal will require simple and sustainable options to help and support a quick return to routine.

Dycem mats create visual, behavioural barriers that can force new mindsets and behaviours whilst providing a cost effective and sustainable addition to existing disinfection and hygiene protocols.”

For more information about Dycem contamination control mats visit the company website.

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