Chronic wound care: the hidden burden on the NHS

New figures show that the NHS is spending £5bn a year treating chronic wounds, mostly caused by injury or surgery.

They usually take the form of an ulcer on the foot or leg that doesn’t respond to treatment and so does not heal, debilitating those afflicted for months or even years. 

There are an estimated 2.2 million people living with non-healing wounds in the UK and caring for them costs the NHS upwards of £5bn a year – roughly equivalent to the spend on treating obesity.

One largely avoidable complication in the care and treatment of leg ulcers is cross infection from contaminated surfaces.

Previously, buckets or cleansing with swabs/cloths have been used in the care of wounds.  If they are not properly decontaminated after use, buckets have the potential to facilitate cross infection.

CMC Hygea Ltd. has developed the innovative PathAguard® range with Biomaster antimicrobial technology which inhibits the growth of pathogens on product surfaces.

The PathAguard® Luca® range  is a highly effective, method for aiding the cleaning and treating of lower limb ulcers and wounds. The products are protected with technology designed to reduce the opportunity for pathogens to grow on surfaces.

The PathAguard LUCA Liner and Vessel System comprises a liner with a fitted disposable inner liner.  Both vessel and liner are treated with Biomaster to reduce infectious risk from surface cross- contamination, handling and repeated use.

The PathAguard LUCA is a sleeve into which the leg is placed, then the cleansing liquid is added and the sleeve is secured around the leg. The system offers antimicrobial surface protection and is safe, hygienic and cost effective.

Biomaster is effective against HAI’s and works for 24/7 for the lifetime of the product.

The design of the  LUCA Liner and Vessel system  and the LUCA  Sleeve  reduces patient exposure to cross-infection from reused vessels and contributes to overall infection control strategy in any healthcare setting.

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