Casking raises the bar for gym hygiene

Biomaster partner Casking has developed a range of gym grips with inbuilt antimicrobial technology.

Suitable for barbells from 28mm – 30mm diameter, the grips cover the length of a barbell, inhibiting the growth of bacteria on the grip surface.

The product can be manufactured in a range of colours and installed using a special applicator tool. The reality of sharing gym equipment with potentially thousands of other people is that you are likely to come into contact with unwanted microbes along the way.

You may be a conscientious sanitiser and always wipe down your gear before and after use, but fellow gym users may not. Workout spaces are a breeding ground for potentially harmful infections.

A study published by the Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine found that samples collected from equipment showed that some areas in gyms including free weight zones were all saturated with germs averaging more than one million per square inch. Human sweat is often found to contain trace amounts of excrement and even E. coli. In a recent study, some gym equipment was found to harbour up to 362 times more germs than a toilet seat.

Biomaster inhibits the growth of harmful microbes on surfaces between cleans, 24/7. The protection is effective against most types of pathogens for the lifetime of the product.

Casking founders Josh King and Harvey Castree explain: ”We are honoured to be able to provide the fitness industry with a unique and functional product that can not only improve work out grip experience, but also present a solution to improving the levels of hygiene for existing gym equipment.

By adding a second line of defence, the public can enjoy equipment with more confidence knowing that gyms now have better access to antimicrobial technology, protecting their surfaces from harmful bacteria. Our next aim is to expand our line of products to enable gyms to apply antimicrobial protection to all equipment.“

To find out more visit the Casking website.

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