Brinsea’s new incubator is a high flyer

Biomaster partner Brinsea is keeping some of the world’s wealthiest practitioners of the ancient sport of falconry in business with a unique contact incubator.

Brinsea has been manufacturing incubators in Weston-Super-Mare for 40 years.

The company’s new Z7 Raptor Contact Incubator was developed in conjunction with world-leading bird of prey breeders. The Z7’s patented incubation technology guarantees unbeatable hatch rates for wild bird species.

Birds of prey, typically prized falcons, are bred in the UK then flown to the Middle East where they are expertly trained to home in on their quarry at high speed.

The popularity of hunting in the Middle East with birds of prey makes it a highly lucrative business. Falconry was an important skill for Bedouin hunters in the harsh deserts of Arabia and Syria and has been around for thousands of years.

It is quite common for airlines in the Middle East to transport birds for hunting purposes. Some falcons for example are estimated to be worth about £6,500.

Most Brinsea incubators incorporate Biomaster antimicrobial product protection into the cabinets during manufacture. 

The warm, damp conditions inside egg incubators are the ideal breeding ground for bacteria, which can infect developing chicks causing unexplained hatching failure.

Biomaster technology is embedded within the plastic itself, inhibiting the growth and spread of harmful bacteria on the incubators surface, providing a more hygienic environment for hatching.

Biomaster silver ion technology is proven effective against harmful bacteria and is effective 24/7 for the lifetime of the product.  

Brinsea Marketing Manager Sally Kershaw explains: “Since initial field trials in 2000, Brinsea’s patented Contact Incubation Technology has established itself as a real step forward in incubation. Eggs are warmed by contact with an artificial skin, rather than being surrounded by warm air, and the result is much stronger and faster development of the embryo in early stages of incubation. Many breeders of exotic, rare and valuable species across the world have switched to Brinsea’s CIT.”

Martyn Paterson, Senior Aviculturist and Falcon breeder adds:“Brinsea’s Contact Incubators have been my choice for breeding falcons for many years and the Z7 represents a significant step forward in this technology.”

For more information visit the Brinsea website.

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