Brinsea launches animal welfare campaign

Britain is a nation of animal lovers and there are many charities and individuals around the country who are dedicated to the rescue, care and rehabilitation of sick, injured and orphaned animals and birds. Care of these animals would not be possible without the generosity of people with their time, skill and determination.

Biomaster-partner Brinsea Products Ltd, the incubation specialists, have launched the ‘TLC Rescue-Me’ campaign which aims to help animal rescue charities and wildlife rescuers to purchase much needed intensive care units by providing support, advice and fund-raising ideas.

 Brinsea Marketing Manager Sally Kershaw explains: “Many young animals need extra help to survive in those early days and a safe, secure, controlled environment gives them the best chance to recover and thrive. With hygiene a top priority for young and injured animals, Brinsea’s TLC models have been carefully designed to make cleaning as easy as possible.”

The TLC Intensive Care Units are also protected by Biomaster antibacterial technology to help reduce the risk of infection and cross-contamination.

 Biomaster inhibits the growth of bacteria and is effective 24/7 for the lifetime of the incubator.

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