Brinsea celebrates 40th anniversary

Brinsea is celebrating 40 years of egg incubator design and manufacture with the launch of new Biomaster protected incubators.

As a celebration of the company 40th anniversary Brinsea designed a new range of incubators including the Maxi II Advance Automatic 14 Egg Incubator. This incubator automatically turns the eggs and is fully digital so user can set the incubator up and simply walk away safe in the knowledge that their eggs are in the best environment.

The new incubators also incorporate Biomaster antimicrobial protection into the cabinets during manufacture.

Incubators create ideal conditions for the growth of microbes and bacteria which can in turn be harmful to incubating eggs and can be the cause of embryonic death.

Biomaster is embedded within the plastic itself which prevents the growth of harmful bacteria helping to provide the optimum environment for hatching.

To mark the company’s anniversary Brinsea held a celebratory function at their headquarters in Weston-Super-Mare attended by special guest Mike Dilger, ecologist, ornithologist and TV presenter best known as the wildlife reporter on the BBC’s The One Show.

Brinsea Marketing Manager Sally Kershaw says: “It was a great day, people travelled from across the country to celebrate with us. Guests were invited to go on a tour of the factory where they saw the new incubators being made, the product testing area, the Researchand Development Department and the warehouse where orders for the new incubators are about to be shipped to Japan, Australia, Kuwait and New Zealand. 

We also presented long-service awards to four members of staff who had clocked up over 15 years each – in one case 37 years. We are now looking forward to the next 40 years and are already working on our next development projects.” 

 Photography by Simon Williams

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