Blackmore launches new website with Biomaster coatings option

Blackmore, the UK specialist in greener printing solutions, has launched a new website showcasing the company's Biomaster antimicrobial print option.

Customers can now choose antimicrobial coatings for print and packaging projects with Biomaster technology, proven to give surfaces protection against bacteria, mould, fungi and many other harmful microbes for the life of the printed product.

The Advantage Group has just launched its annual Members Catalogue printed by Blackmore and treated with antimicrobial protective coating. The Advantage Group catalogue contains over 1,000 quality sourced promotional merchandise products. 

With heightened awareness of hygiene becoming part of our daily lives, for Advantage director Lawrence Angelow it was a timely and inevitable move.

“We have been working closely with our print partner, Blackmore, keeping up to date with the latest developments on how we could incorporate the Biomaster treatment into our catalogue. 

Biomaster additives have been proven to reduce the overall levels of bacteria on inks and lacquer coatings by up to 99.9%. Knowing it is possible to incorporate without compromising the print quality then made the decision easy. It feels like the responsible thing to do in this climate”. 

Biomaster can be added to inks, paper and coatings to protect surfaces against the growth of harmful microbes and the protection is effective 24/7 for the useful lifetime of the treated article.

Andrew Robbins, Managing Director of Blackmore adds: ‘I’m delighted that the Advantage Group chose us for their 2021/2022 catalogue. 

We selected Biomaster coating as it is from a reputable supplier, has been fully tested and compliant, meets the latest ISO standards as well as the Biocidal Products Regulation, food safe and registered with the Food and Drug Administration and approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. 

We are really looking forward to working with Lawrence and the team again next year.”

For more information about The Advantage Group and Blackmore visit the company websites. 

*Please note that Addmaster was acquired by the Polygiene Group AB in January 2021, so all news articles prior to that date will still be branded as Addmaster.