Biomaster technology assists a sanitary hygiene revolution

We live in a world of rapid change, but there are some everyday washroom items that haven't really changed much at all in basic form or function in the last 100 years: sinks, mixed-temperature faucets, flush toilets – and how about the common toilet brush?

A German company has designed a sanitary innovation that they believe will banish unhygienic and unsightly toilet brushes for ever.

Similar to a toilet brush, the WC-STICK is not used for cleaning the toilet, but for the hygienic removal of residues immediately after use. It has a disposable tip which can be used to remove any residue then you simply eject it and flush it away.

The WC-STICK applicator also contains inbuilt Biomaster antimicrobial technology. When bacteria come into contact a Biomaster surface it is unable to replicate and therefore dies. The active agent in Biomaster is built into the device during the manufacturing process so the protection lasts for the useful lifetime of the product.

The high performance hygienic materials used in the manufacture of WC-STICK are part of the ALBIS PLASTIC ALPERFORM product series.

WC-STICK CEO Martin Konietzny explains: “We all know the problems with the toilet brush and its handling.  Spraying, dripping, unpleasant odour, unsightly and discoloured toilet brushes and toilet brush holder. They are excellent place for germs and bacteria and their distribution. So far there is no suitable alternative to the toilet brush – until now.

Standard toilet brushes only smear and distribute germs and bacteria and ensure that the breeding grounds of the germs and bacteria spread more and more.

For reasons of hygiene, a toilet brush should be replaced every three to six weeks depending on its use. In prestigious facilities and hotels, the service life of toilet brushes is considerably shorter.

The WC-STICK will become the future standard of hygiene in private households, hotels, public buildings, hospitals, nursing homes and everywhere where hygiene is important and the risk of harmful infections with germs, bacteria and viruses should be minimised. People can also benefit from this hygienic advantage at home as well.”

For more information visit WC-STICK.

For more information about ALPERFORM visit ALBIS PLASTIC.

*Please note that Addmaster was acquired by the Polygiene Group AB in January 2021, so all news articles prior to that date will still be branded as Addmaster.