Biomaster shows how to break the chain of infection at IHEEM

Addmaster will play a prominent role at this year’s IHEEM Healthcare Estates Annual Conference.

As specialists in reducing the risk of cross contamination within the healthcare industry, we are working closely with partners in the sector to understand the greatest risks concerning infection to be able to respond accordingly.

The aim of the conference is to build innovative and productive partnerships in asset management. The exhibition hall, which will consist of over 200 stands will also bring together those who build, manage and maintain healthcare facilities. 

The event provides an opportunity for organisations to share experience and encourage further collaboration between healthcare teams and industry to improve hygiene performance.

Paul Morris, CEO and founder of Addmaster, will be representing the company at the two-day event by giving a presentation on some of the key topics in question. 

Paul said: “The presentation will be specifically focused around the importance of breaking the chain of infection by minimising exposure pathways, especially in high risk areas. 

“It will provide clarity on topics such as antimicrobial vs. antibacterial and the ease of specification when protecting products with antimicrobial additives as well as demonstrating the use of products and applications already in widespread use within the healthcare and consumer sectors.

“The conference is a great opportunity to share information and network with other key players across the industry.”

A record number of Addmaster customers will also be at the event to talk about their products, which feature Biomaster silver ion technology.  The antimicrobial additive is incorporated into a variety of products already in use in the healthcare sector and NHS specifically offering product and surface protection to inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria and reducing the risk of cross contamination.  

The exhibiting suppliers provide an ideal range of available products for estates and facilities managers, architects and P22 specifiers to choose from and include; Armitage Shanks, BeaconMedaes, Dart Valley Systems, Graham Environmental Services (Tandrup), Haigh, Static Systems and Trovex amongst others. 

The IHEEM conference will be held at Manchester Central on the 10th and 11th of October and includes the prestigious IHEEM Annual Conference, Awards Dinner and the UK’s largest trade exhibition for the sector.

*Please note that Addmaster was acquired by the Polygiene Group AB in January 2021, so all news articles prior to that date will still be branded as Addmaster.