Biomaster protected system rethinks hydration on the move

Biomaster partner Mix Innovations Ltd has developed a revolutionary hydration system that gives runners, cyclists and hikers the ability to switch between water and sports drinks on demand.

The new system also solves the problem of how to drink more than just plain water when exercising without contaminating the water source. Filling a hydration reservoir with different types of drink can leave a bad aftertaste, lead to accelerated bacteria growth and make cleaning an arduous task. Many users simply ditch their old reservoir and replace it rather than clean up the residue.

The M:X® Dual Hydration System seamlessly switches between water and a sports drink for a flavour filled, performance enhancing hydration experience. The small device attaches to the shoulder strap of a rucksack and works by mixing a sports drink concentrate with water to the correct dilution. At the flick of the switch, the user can alternate between plain water and a sports drink to allow the user to tailor their fluid intake to their hydration and energy needs.

The plastic components which come into contact with fluids have inbuilt Biomaster antimicrobial protection to compliment the cleaning regime. Biomaster provides a 24/7 second line of defence against harmful bacteria and actively provides surface protection for the lifetime of the product. 

The system can be attached to most reservoirs on the market, or can also be used with M:X’s own. The Stirling-based company also supplies a range of sports drink developed  in collaboration with leading sports nutritionists. They are a vegan and gluten-free formula containing a balance of carbohydrates and electrolytes to help maximise performance by promoting hydration whilst replenishing energy. 

The system is designed and manufactured in Scotland, where the company supports several Scottish and British mountain bikers, runners and endurance athletes through its ambassador programme ‘Team MX’. 

Mix Innovations Director and Founder AndrewDavidson says: “One of the reasons for developing the Dual Hydration System was to prevent contamination of hydration reservoirs from sticky sports drinks that end up being a breeding ground for bacteria and mould when not properly cleaned. Given the nature of hydration reservoirs this isn’t an easy or enjoyable task.

When I discovered Biomaster during the development stage of the product I knew it was something we had to incorporate into our system. It was really a no-brainer as it’s pointless to simply migrate the cleaning effort to another piece of kit.

Biomaster is the perfect way to complement our cleaning regime and is anticipated to be even more prevalent in our military version of the system as units may have to go for weeks on end without more than a quick rinse, having that second line of defence against bacterial growth is a game changer.” 

To find out more visit the company website.

*Please note that Addmaster was acquired by the Polygiene Group AB in January 2021, so all news articles prior to that date will still be branded as Addmaster.