Biomaster helps raise the game for golfers

During the most recent lockdown, golfers in England were left frustrated by the government’s decision to close courses.

However a company in Warrington is using Biomaster antimicrobial technology to help make it easier to keep courses open in future, by targeting some of the areas identified as hot spots for virus transmission.

Global Golf Safety was created by two avid golfers to reduce cross-contamination and improve better hygiene on the golf course by implementing a creative method of play using multi-grip time-delayed touchpoint products.

They got the idea when England Golf was forced to put additional measures into place that completely removed the use of flag-pins, bunker rakes, hole cups and ball retrievers.

Now that restrictions have ended, golfers are able to remove flags and use rakes again, but the new GGS system helps reduce the risk of microbial cross-contamination by ensuring that players only touch allocated parts of the product.

The flag-sticks, bunker rakes and hole cups are also treated with Biomaster antimicrobial technology that proactively inhibits the growth of harmful microbes on the surface of the product.

Biomaster provides 24-hour product protection seven days a week, 365 days a year and inhibit the growth of harmful microbes up to 99.99%

Global Golf Safety offers a choice of bespoke services that can transform your current infrastructure or replace your existing flag-sticks, bunker rakes and hole cups, including any additional practice facilities for new. The GGS installation team offers a seamless integration without the need for closing the course or disrupt any golfers out playing.

GGS co-founders Gary and John explain: “Being huge golf fans we thought how we could help and improve all the various touch points on a golf course. The current pandemic has changed the face of our planet and the way we are now doing things. Golf is a global sport that has certainly been affected.

It became extremely frustrating for golfers not being able to take out the flag and all bunker rakes were removed, subsequently leaving them in a real mess, which then brought in preferred lies, various gadgets in and around the cup were used causing short putts to miss and golf balls bouncing out.

Although UK government has since lowered all restrictions it is still paramount that golf clubs meet with England Golf’s ‘stay safe, play safe’ policy. This was also the view of the PGA North, where we recently supported one of their premier professional tournaments with our antimicrobial products. 

With the help of Addmaster and Biomaster technology we are now delighted to bring to market our portfolio of Multi-Grip products and we will continue to work alongside our partners to help and develop the best and most hygienic products available to golf”.

For more information visit the company website.

*Please note that Addmaster was acquired by the Polygiene Group AB in January 2021, so all news articles prior to that date will still be branded as Addmaster.