Biomaster gives Sanelli knives the cutting edge

Every cook knows that a good sharp knife is the workhorse of the kitchen — without one you can’t really do anything.

The world-renowned Sanelli knifeworks was founded in 1864 in Premana, a village set in the mountains near the lake of Como, is famed for its quality Italian made Chefs Cutlery and Kitchen tools.

Sanelli has now been producing knives for 150 years and is constantly looking for ways of applying new materials and solving the problems of user ergonomics, hygiene and safety.

The company now has an industry first with the relaunch of the Premana knives with Biomaster protected handles.

Biomaster antibacterial technology will inhibit the growth of bacteria on any kitchen surface 24 hours a day and is effective for the whole lifetime of the product.

Sanelli Sales Manager Robert Oberti says: “For Sanelli and me, to relaunch a product line such as Premana represented a big challenge. We were looking for something that would help us improve the knives and help to diversify the message we intended to propose. We were looking for an added value, new chances and new visibility to increase the business.

With Addmaster we found a partner with professionalism and a common vision. Now we look at the future of our company with a new strategy, but most of all with new ideas to develop. We are proud to be part of this new business, thanks to Addmaster.”

Addmaster (UK) Ltd. Marketing Manager adds: “Sanelli excel at analysing and solving problems that are encountered by the professional who uses these working tools every day.

We are delighted to be working with this premium brand and to be making a decisive contribution to improving safety, reliability and hygiene in the kitchen workplace.”

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