Biomaster coating keeps US print industry afloat

A Florida print company faced with a ‘devastated business’ because of the pandemic has bounced back since working with Biomaster on a unique antimicrobial paper coating.

Associated Printing Productions Inc. (APPI) was founded 29 years ago offering high-quality commercial sheet fed offset and digital printing and allied supplies from their Miami Lakes facility. They service some of the world’s biggest names in cruising including Norwegian Cruise Line, OneSpaWorld and Mandara Spa.

From day one, the company’s primary client bases were the cruise line, hospitality, and leisure industries — the sectors that were the hardest hit by the COVID-19 crisis. But thanks to Biomaster technology, as the leisure industry starts to reopen, demand has skyrocketed.

John Baedel, President of APPI, takes up the story.

“For our biggest clients printing is a vital part of their sales, marketing and operational strategies. But a few of our customers informed me they were strongly considering removing all printed material from room and cabins and converting  to complete electronic messaging.  This was to avoid the danger to transmission of dangerous microbes that could be on our printed materials.

“One senior executive told me that he would even hesitate to handle my business card. He was absolutely right and I realised that our printed materials were viewed as threats to their clients and guest. I had to find an innovative solution to safeguard our business.

“I spoke with a few major coating suppliers who claimed they had antimicrobial coatings, but after many conversations and requests for proof that the products were certified, it became obvious they were misleading me and making false claims about their products.

“That’s when I decided to go direct, find the right team of experts, build partnerships and develop our own coating that would be tested and certified.

“My research into antimicrobials kept leading me to Biomaster and I was very lucky to find Charlie Matthews from Biomaster USA who quickly became my mentor. We discussed several possible solutions together but realised the Biomaster antimicrobial in our aqueous and UV coatings would provide 24/7 product protection for the lifetime of our printed materials.

“Next, we teamed up with John Honaker at Ctg2 Technologies. John and his team are the best coatings experts I had ever dealt with and they jumped onboard right away.

“I started this journey to correct a problem for our clients and save my business. However, this new antimicrobial coating will save several printing companies worldwide. Following our interviews to launch the product, we have been contacted by printing companies from around the world who want to purchase this.

“I am confident this new antimicrobial coating will save thousands of jobs in the printing industry.

“The partnership of APPi, Biomaster and Ctg2 Technologies has revolutionised the science of printing.”

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*Please note that Addmaster was acquired by the Polygiene Group AB in January 2021, so all news articles prior to that date will still be branded as Addmaster.