Biomaster antimicrobial treatment for aviation seating

MGR Foamtex, Europe’s leading manufacturer of advanced passenger upholstery systems for premium cabin seating, has extended the range of MGRSafeWall™ products to include soft furnishings on pilot seating as well as crew rest areas and cabin attendant seating.

The inclusion of sheepskin covers fitted to many flight deck seats has required the development of a new double immersion process, along with an optional dry cleaning capability to ensure covers are returned in excellent condition.

MGR explains that with heightened consideration given to good cleaning practice in an attempt to rebuild passenger confidence, equal consideration needs to be afforded to crew.

Flight decks may seem a very sterile environment, but they are actually intensive working areas as well as being a focal point during ground-time for gathering with pilots, cabin crew, dispatchers and engineers all accessing a very enclosed area.

The logistics of changing out seat covers are often complex, costly and labour intensive and cleaning routines vary considerably from one airline to another. Passenger seat covers are often left for six months in between replacement cleaning cycles and flight deck and cabin attendant seating is often left significantly longer.

By treating covers with the MGRSafeWall™ process, which uses proven Biomaster technology and not a short term disinfectant, the surface protection against harmful microbes works 24/7 and is effective for the useful lifetime of the product.

MGRSafeWall™ has also been successfully tested against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19.

MGRSafeWall™ can be pre-treated to new covers prior to installation, or existing in-service product which need to be removed as an extension to the existing cleaning regime.

For more information visit the MGR Foamtex company website.

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