Award-winning Swiss pens now with Biomaster protection

“Swiss made” is usually synonymous with exemplary watchmaking, but if you’ve been to Switzerland you will know that their engineers are also passionate about pens.

Swiss brands such as Prodir are the kings of the writing world.  For more than forty years Prodir’s internationally award-wining customisable pens have been renowned for their unique style, design and materials, from provocative and striking, to conservative and subtle.

Now Prodir has taken things a step further by creating a two ranges fully protected by Biomaster antimicrobial technology.

All Prodir DS and QS models are now also available with antibacterial casing surface protection.*

Biomaster technology tested and certified to ISO 22196 provides durable and effective surface protection 24/7 for the lifetime of the pens.

Dr Eckhard Sohns, Co-Director and CSMO of Pagani Pens, the parent company of Prodir says: “For us, it was clear right from the beginning that in these sensitive times we would only work on such an important project involving every single one of our products with an experienced and absolutely trustworthy partner.

We wanted to be able to communicate all relevant facts about our new antibacterial casing surface protection with maximum transparency. Addmaster gave us all the support we needed.”

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* Subject to the minimum order quantities for special colours in the Pantone matching system.

*Please note that Addmaster was acquired by the Polygiene Group AB in January 2021, so all news articles prior to that date will still be branded as Addmaster.