Armitage Shanks digs deeper in fight against hospital infections

The leading British commercial bathroom, sanitaryware and washroom installations provider Armitage Shanks has been working in partnership with Biomaster to develop an innovative healthcare solution to help the fight against cross-contamination in hospitals.

The new Contour 21+ range contains splash-reducing technology. Research shows that a high level of splashing occurs when taps run into clinical basins, spreading bacteria and viruses into the air, onto the face, clothing and the surrounding area such as hospital beds. 

This splashing and spreading of germs can reach distances of over a metre. Armitage Shanks has designed HydroFin—an innovative fin to the base of the Contour 21+, which deflects splashing and reduces it by over 90 per cent. 

The Contour 21+ range also includes integral Biomaster antimicrobial additive technology. This effective antimicrobial protection helps keep surfaces clean and hygienic for the lifetime of the product.

The ultra-smooth glaze of Countour21+ is also designed to make it more difficult for bacteria to cling to the surface.

Biomaster antimicrobial technology works 24/7 to inhbit the growth of bacteria and helps protect against microbial cross-contamination.

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